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The ENDVEST Method

ENDVEST offers sponsors a more flexible way to raise capital:

  • Less hurdles, less headache
    • You’ll work directly with an ENDVEST team member to get your project approved through a simple, streamlined application process.
  • Lower Fees, Lower Capital Cost
    • ENDVEST breaks down the barrier.
  • Debt, Equity, Mezzanine – Your Call
    • From single family bridge loans to commercial equity funds, ENDVEST can supply any portion of the capital stack with flexible investment horizons.
  • It’s up to the investor
    • A world of powerful global institutional and individual investors will choose to invest in your project, we’ll give them the tools, they’ll fund, we’ll write the check.
Global Empowerment

Gain immediate attention and recognition for your project from accredited and unaccredited investors around the world. Build your brand, company, and influence by opening your projects to a world of investors.

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Beginner's Guide

The Process

Step 1 - Submit

Email us today and expect a follow-up within 24 hours.

Step 1 - Submit

ENDVEST conducts its own due diligence and underwriting.

Step 1 - Submit

If approved, we’ll publish the project to be funded by ENDVEST global investors.

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Is your project a fit for ENDVEST ?

We are seeking to fund projects of any size, any asset class at any investment horizon. Sourced through our community, our investments are funded with a purpose: impact. We are looking for deals that:

  • Have the power to impact communities and stakeholders
  • Prove attractive returns at a mitigated risk level
  • Promote extraordinary real estate in exciting markets around the world
Tiered Services

The services for our sponsors here at ENDVEST are not limited simply to the raising of necessary capital. With over 60 combined years of experience in real estate, development, management and law from our executive team, sponsors seeking investment from ENDVEST can benefit from an an extraordinary array of resources.

The focus of our vetting process is not so much concerned with the maturity of the developments, but rather their feasibility.

  • Tier 1 Funding Only
  • Project Status:

    Shovel-Ready: All approvals and permits in place. Project is ready to go upon funding.

  • Requirements Needed:

    Funding Only

  • Cost to Sponsor:

    Funding Fee to ENDVEST ranging from 4-8% of amount funded

  • Example:

    Sponsor owns the land and intends to build 50-unit apartment building. All permits and construction loan are in place. ENDVEST is used to raise required equity.

  • Tier 2 Funding + Technical. Legal. Marketing. ETC.
  • Project Status:

    Partially-Ready: Pre-development is under way with evident success but some items need attention or support (i.e. construction loan, builder, entitlements, legal, design, engineering, testing, market study, etc.)

  • Requirements Needed:

    Funding PLUS technical, legal, engineering, marketing, etc.

  • Cost to Sponsor:

    Funding Fee to ENDVEST PLUS equity and/or fee depending on additional services provided by ENDVEST to prepare offering.

  • Example:

    Sponsor owns partially occupied retail strip with existing mortgage. Property needs rehabilitation and repositioning with new tenants. ENDVEST team assists in redesign, delivers qualified builder willing to finance construction and secures big-box anchor tenant.

  • Tier 3 White Glove
  • Project Status:

    Conceptual Only: Some elements of the project are in place (i.e. land in place, abandoned/empty structure) but much of the planning, design and pre-development cost has not occured.

  • Requirements Needed:

    Most pre-development work must be performed and project packaged for offering.

  • Cost to Sponsor:

    Funding Fee to ENDVEST PLUS majority of equity and fees generated. Split with early Sponsor will be negotiated in advance.

  • Example:

    Sponsor is under contract to purchase vacant office building that will be converted to apartments. ENDVEST team prepares drawings, obtains approvals, arranges construction loan and provides equity and subordinated debt through the ENDVEST platform.

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