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Step 1: Register

Register for an ENDVEST account using either your email, Facebook, or Linkedin account.

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Step 2: Learn

Use our education center to begin learning about real estate investing.

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Step 3: Browse Deals

Browse the pre-vetted deals that let you transparently participate in global private equity projects.

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Step 4: Invest

Ready to commit? Click "Invest Now" and fill out the information. Making your investment will secure your position as a true partner in the deal.

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Step 5: Monitor Your Investment and Get Liquid

Our built-in notification center will keep you updated on the progress of your deal throughout its life cycle.

ENDVEST's one-of-a-kind secondary market, End/Ex, is coming soon and will allow you to sell your investment to or buy an investment from another individual before the end of the investment’s life cycle.

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Step 6: Repeat

Continue to build your global real estate portfolio with ENDVEST. Stay informed about original upcoming deals and remember to diversify your portfolio, balancing your risk and reward.

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