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  • How does ENDVEST work ?

    ENDVEST is an online investment platform that allows you to become a partner in major multi-million dollar projects in and around the world. You can invest as little as $5,000 into each opportunity via an ENDVEST Fund. As an Investor Partner you have access to information on all projects and can execute and monitor your investments through our secure platform.

  • What types of investments does ENDVEST Offer?

    Potential partners can access a variety of opportunities including Residential, Commercial, Retail and Mixed-Use Real Estate, Hotels, Resort Destinations, Exclusive Franchises, and Agricultural Projects all over the world. You will have access to both debt investments and equity offering cash returns during the holding period and/or a portion of the profits in the future. If you looking for a specific type of opportunity or location, let us know by clicking here.

  • Can I invest through my IRA, Trust or LLC?

    Yes, you can invest on the ENDVEST platform through your Self-Directed IRA, LLC, LP or Trust. You will need to provide additional information regarding your IRA, organization or trust, You or your entity/trust would still have to qualify as an Accredited Investor. But there are several benefits to investing through your Self-Directed IRA or separate entity/trust. We recommend that you consult your own tax advisor regarding these option. However, we can provide assistance in quickly and cost-effectively set up your Self-Directed IRA or to start investing through your LLC, LP or Trust.

  • Why should I use ENDVEST to invest in real estate or other projects?

    ENDVEST allows you to become a passive partner in professionally managed real estate investments or business opportunities for as little as $5,000, from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere. As an Investment Partner, you will have direct access to deals in a variety of asset types around the world that allow you to participate in opportunities that were once only available to high-net worth individuals and institutions with inside knowledge.

  • When I invest on ENDVEST, how do I become a partner?

    ENDVEST has established a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC) for each investment opportunity that is offered on the platform. When you make an investment, you become a partner in that LLC which then invests in the specific project as an equity partner or lender. In this way, you will be receiver partnership income through the ENDVEST LLC without having any taxes paid by the project or the LLC.

  • How does ENDVEST choose the projects to offer on the platform?

    ENDVEST screens all investment opportunities prior to listing them the platform. We review all financials, projected returns, title and inspection reports, and appraisals for every project as well as evaluate the background and past performance of the project sponsors, all of which is available to you on the platform so that you can do your own due diligence. If you invest in a project, your funds will remain in escrow until the specific funding target is reached for the project. If the target funding amount is not met, 100% of your investment commitment will be returned to you. You will be able to review and execute all applicable legal and investor documents online prior to transferring funds to escrow.

  • How do I as a partner receive the return on my investment?

    In accordance with the operating agreement for the fund, all returns from your investment as a partner will be distributed via deposits deposited directly into a bank account of your choice. Periodic payments from cash flow can be expected from projects that are already productive with revenues in place or have reserves for such payments. However, those projects that are more opportunity-based and require development will likely generate more significant cash flow and profits at a later date, but typically with greater returns.

  • What kind of updates will I get about my investment?

    As an ENDVEST partner, you will receive at least quarterly (sometimes more frequently) updates and reporting for each of your investments via email and directly to your online ENDVEST dashboard. You will also receive tax documents in each calendar year in the form of a K-1, usually by March 15th of the following year.

  • What criteria does ENDVEST have for posting projects on its platform ?

    ENDVEST provides funds for many types of projects including loans secured by residential, commercial retail and mixed-use properties, hotels, destination sites, franchises and special land-based projects. Rehabilitations, adaptive re-use and re-positioning projects are welcomed. Maturity periods can range from 12 months to 10 years. Cash on cash returns and overall internal rates of return (IRR) should be commensurate with the risk associated with the offered interest by the Project and its Sponsors. However, typically we expect the range of overall projected IRR to be 8% to 25%. We have no minimum ratio in terms of Loan-to-Value (LTV) or Loan-to-Cost (LTC).

  • How frequently will we need to make distributions?

    It depends on the original offering and operating agreement.  Normally, if revenues are in place, at least quarterly distributions are expected to be received from your project and distributed to our investor partners.  For development projects, we generally require that distributions be made upon sale or refinancing with at least quarterly payments thereafter.  

  • What defines an "Accredited Investor" and how does ENDVEST verify their status?

    The SEC defines ‘Accredited Investor’ under Rule 501 of Regulation D to include a natural person with (1) an annual income of $200,000 in each of the two most recent years, or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income in the current year, AND/OR (2) a net worth or joint net worth with the person’s spouse exceeding $1 million, not including the value of the primary residence and taking into account any indebtedness secured by the primary residence that exceeds the estimated fair market value of such residence. Currently, all of our investor partners must be accredited to invest in any opportunity presented on the ENDVEST platform. Therefore, when signing up, each user must provide specific information about themselves that is used to determine whether the user is an Accredited Investor.

  • Will information regarding my investment remain confidential?

    Prior to your project being offered on the ENDVEST platform, all information will remain confidential and will only be reviewed by ENDVEST and its advisors. However, once it is placed on the platform and offered to our investor partners, all information about your project and the opportunity that it offers will be made available to our registered Accredited Investor Partners to allow them to make an informed investment decision.

  • How long does it normally take to raise the funds that I need?

    Every opportunity has its own timeframe and poses unique challenges to raise the desired funds. The goal would be to reach the target funding level within 30-60 days. After the funding level is achieved, it should take another one to two weeks to have ENDVEST transfer the funds to your project bank account.

  • How can ENDVEST help me in addition to funding my project?

    Depending on the development status of your project, from pre-concept to shovel-ready, the ENDVEST team of professionals are ready to assist in completing your project.  Our group of experienced developers, builders, engineers/architects, attorneys, accountants, bankers, mortgage specialist, real estate brokers, web developers and online marketing specialists can provide any level of expertise that your project needs to succeed.  Provided that your project has the right core attributes, offers exceptional opportunities or meets an identifiable need in the marketplace, we are prepared place the necessary resources into your project in return for equity and/or fees when your project is funded through ENDVEST, usually without any additional cash contribution from you.

    Please refer to our range of Project Tiers that we are prepared to review, contribute towards and eventually fund through our platform by clicking here.  To submit your investment opportunity to ENDVEST, please create an account and submit an application here.  The ENDVEST team will review your submission and get back to you within a few days with a response.  We may request additional information and materials on your company and your specific investment to determine whether it is a good fit for our members.

  • What does it cost to raise money through ENDVEST?

    Each project is different that raise capital through our investment platform will be required to reimburse ENDVEST for its out of pocket expenses related to establishing and managing the fund that invests in your project. These costs typically include legal, accounting and compliance costs.

  • Why should I raise money through ENDVEST?

    ENDVEST will make the process of raising the funds needed for your project much easier and faster than traditional sources. Submitting your investment opportunity, receiving approval, listing and funding can all be accomplished in weeks rather than the months that is normally associated with banks and institutional funding channels. Our investor partners are sophisticated and accredited investors who we will pool and manage in a single LLC, thereby relieving you of the time and cost associated with raising funds and handling investor and lender relations.

  • Who will the investor be in our project, ENDVEST or a group of individual partners?

    ENDVEST pools all individual investor partners into a single LLC and that LLC becomes a member/partner in your project. You will communicate only with the ENDVEST fund managers and therefore will be able to focus on the success of your project. ENDVEST will manage all investor communications and partnership management including preparation of separate K-1's for all our investor partners.

  • What is our responsibility as the Sponsor to ENDVEST once fundraising has closed?

    We require companies who raise capital through ENDVEST to provide us with at least quarterly updates which we will share with our fund investor partners. These updates will typically be no different than those you would provide to investors and financial institutions outside of ENDVEST and will include operating statements, bank records, development progress reports and investment summaries.

  • What type of review and due diligence does ENDVEST perform on the projects presented?

    ENDVEST is seeking projects that are promoted and managed by knowledgeable team-members with verifiable past performance. We review all financials, projected returns, title and inspection reports, and appraisals for every project to determine if it is appropriate for consideration by our investor partners. Once we are comfortable with your team and the investment, we will post your investment on the ENDVEST platform with all the information you make available to our investor partners.