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Investments with Impact

ENDVEST Dec 23, 2015

Economists have gotten a lot of things right over centuries of research. However, one thing they’ve gotten wrong is that people only act in their best self-interests, ignoring all other alternatives. And yet, as much as economists would like to believe, most people are not psychopaths.

The trend of social impact has permeated the consumer space: initiatives like (Product) RED and Tom’s Shoes have enjoyed tremendous success. And yet, investment in social impact lags.

Some companies understand the importance of creating value in underserved communities, and have done so while not affecting their bottom line. Take Google, for example. Apart from its slogan “Don’t be evil”, they’ve taken great care in making sure that any investments they make are socially responsible. Just a few days ago they purchased a 12.5% stake in Africa’s largest wind farm, illustrating the importance of renewable resources.

Until now, it’s unclear how real estate investments can benefit or even include socially impactful initiatives. At ENDVEST, we believe social impact doesn’t just mean that the process by which we create our properties is environmentally friendly. Instead, the product of our investment must show measurable added value to the surrounding areas.

A good example is our deal in the Philippines, where we’ve teamed up with an agri-tech company and the local government to provide basic necessities to the surrounding communities, like infrastructure, water, and electricity.