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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Investing in commercial real estate can be a very lucrative investment option. Most people go the residential real estate investment route first because it is easier to understand and navigate and usually requires less capital or cash flow, but do not think you need experience in that area first. Commercial real estate is an entirely different ballgame. Commercial real estate investing can be much more profitable in fact, but there are certain things you must know and fully understand before jumping in to ensure you are successful, because even though real estate is a much more solid and st...

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24 Sep 2015

Construction Spending and The Real Estate Market

Construction spending in the United States stagnated in June as private spending was the lowest in a year, but the small growth suggested the economy is still solid and stable.   According to the Commerce Department, construction spending increased 0.1%, the smallest increase since January.   May’s spending was adjusted higher to reflect a 1.8% increase, instead of the previously reported 0.8%. Economists forecasted construction expenditure to rise 0.6% this June. It’s not all bad news; construction spending had increased 12% year over year.   ...

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11 Sep 2015