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How to Make Money in Real Estate with Little Investment

When it comes to investing money in real estate, investors and financial planners usually agree it is one of the most solid and promising investment options for long-term financial success. Making money in real estate almost always promises a big return on investment and is less volatile than other forms of investments. Once the initial seeking out of the investment and purchasing the property and all that entails is taken care of, investing money in real estate is a pretty easy hands-off way to make good money in the long run whether one chooses to simply be a homeowner or as a real estate...

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18 Oct 2015

Real Estate Investing for Everyone

Real estate investment is pretty much the same as any other investment. The focus is on the word ‘investing’. When you’re doing any kind of investing, you’re putting ‘in’ things. Your effort, time, money, sacrificing other things (opportunity cost), the fear and risk and so on. You’ll note the word has no connotations pertaining to ‘return’. It speaks only about ‘investing’ or ‘putting in’. This is surprising considering the common notion where investing is almost always associated with ‘return’ and ra...

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5 Aug 2015

The Do's and Don'ts of Real Estate Investing

1. Do get your finances in order.   It is important to take stock of your personal finances before making an investment in real estate. Have a clear picture of your current income, expenses and outstanding liabilities. If you don’t already, track your spending – there might be places to save that would free up cash for investment purposes.   2. Don´t forget to write down your real estate goals.   Clarify what you wish to achieve from a real estate investment (property type, cash flow, rate of return, return over time, tax strategy...

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28 May 2015
Drew Derisi