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Gold and Real Estate

Greece’s crisis has challenged the Eurozone. China’s stock market is crashing. Emerging markets suffer as commodity prices plummet. But, what is gold’s fate? An investment historically lauded for its safety and security in tumultuous times, gold surprisingly faces adversity.    Many think gold is dried up. In the midst of global economic uncertainty, if gold can’t rally, then it’s not worth your money. But, the naysayers fail to recognize a true crisis has not yet occurred.   In reality, global markets are stagnating in a tranquil...

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29 Sep 2015

International Monetary Fund: The Eurozone and Real Estate

The IMF’s eurozone prediction has improved thanks to lower oil prices, a weaker euro and European Central Bank (ECB) action.   Eurozone growth is estimated at 1.7% next year, up from 1.5% this year.   But, the IMF warns that the area is still “vulnerable to shocks”.   A shock could force the Eurozone into “prolonged stagnation”, said the IMF.   “The region is turning a corner … Our forecast is better than it has been in a  long time" said Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF.  ...

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7 Aug 2015

Crowdfunding May Solve Spain’s Real Estate Catastrophe

After Spain’s real estate market plunged in 2008, prices declined more than 40%. In 2014, prices leveled off, signaling to many investors an attractive point of entry.   Many real estate funds were taken investments from an increasing amount of investors with low investments, so they decided to create a crowdfunding site.   Spain’s real estate catastrophe indicates an optimal time for real estate crowdfunding, a system whereby individuals can invest in multimillion dollar deals for a fraction of the cost.   Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, and...

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24 Jul 2015