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Testing The Waters

Testing the Waters is the coming soon program for all Regulation A+ deals.

Investments Highlights


Target IRR

$ 5,000

Min Investment


Pref Return

5 years

Hold Period

$ 8,000,000

Target Raise

$ 77,000,000

Total Value


Asset Class

Preferred Equity

Investment Type

Executive Summary

Invest in the development of a biofuel refinery plant to refine and distribute bio fuels on a leasehold property. The California Air Resources Board affirmed that biodiesel, a renewable, clean‐burning diesel fuel from organically‐sourced oil, grease and fat, has the best carbon score among all liquid fuels. It is the first and only EPA‐designated, commercial‐scale‐produced advanced Biofuel. Its use reduces greenhouse gas emissions from between 57% to 86% compared to petroleum diesel. The Viridis Oakland, CA plant will produce 20 million gallons per year (MMGY) of 100% biodiesel (B100) and approximately 4 MMGY of technical grade glycerin.


Comments on the Area

About the Investment

Viridis Fuels, Oakland Refinery Plant, with its location at the foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, is building what will be America’s optimally visible biodiesel refinery with today’s most advanced multi feedstock, waterless, continuous flow technology available. The Plant will be capable of processing low end feedstock that is high in free fatty acid (FFA) content, which is lower in cost than lower FFA or virgin oil feedstocks, with no appreciable product yield reduction.

A total capitalization of $77,000,000 with $58,600,000 or 76.1% is sought in solid waste disposal revenue bonds issued by the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, with $3,400,000 or 5.4% is from a Cal Energy Grant, with $6,000,000 or 7.8% coming from Tech Engineers FRF International, with $1,000,000+ or 1.3% from Sponsors, and 10.4% is being sought in a preferred equity investment of $8,000,000.

Investment Description

Capital Stack

Sponsor $ 1,000,000
ENDVEST $ 8,000,000
FRF International $ 6,000,000
Cal Energy Grant $ 3,400,000
Bond - CA Poll Cont Fin Auth $ 58,600,000
Total $ 77,000,000

Investment Details

Asset Class Industrial
Opportunity Opportunistic
Sponsor Viridis Fuels

Investor Information

By investing as little as $5,000.00, you will become a direct owner in Viridis Fuels, LLC as a Class A Member that has a "preferred" position as to the Company's cash distributions. The chart demonstrates the hierarchy of the superiority in the right to the cash flow generated by the Company during their investment period. After Bond Holders and other Lenders, ENDVEST investors such as you will have first right to the Company's cash flow to pay the annual 8% preferred return on your investment. If there are any profits, the Company must pay a portion (at least 40% of ENDVEST's pro-rata share) as distribution to ENDVEST partners even if does not distribute anything further to the other equity investors. Also, ENDVEST capital investments are also superior in terms of available cash in the Company whereby all other equity investments are explicitly subordinate. That means other than the bond holders and lenders, ENDVEST partners must receive their annual returns PLUS their pro-rata profit distributions and return of their investment before any of the other investors receive cash distributions or return of capital.

EnDvest Partners 12, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Company”), was formed to acquire an interest in 1200 4th, LLC, which we refer to as the “Project Entity.” The Project Entity was in turn formed to acquire, renovate, and lease, release, redevelop or sell the property located at 1200 4th Street, San Diego, California , which we refer to as the “Project” and is described at ENDVEST (the “Site”).

You arrived at this page by selecting the Project at the Site and then selecting “Investor Information.” The Company is offering to sell limited liability company interests to qualified investors. We refer to the interests purchased as the “LLC Interests” and to the investors themselves as “Investors.”

This Investor Information section of the Site is intended to provide you with important information about the Company, the Project Entity, the Project, and the LLC Interests. You should read all of the sections carefully. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Click here to download the complete Disclosure Package for 1200 4th Avenue.

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