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What is End/Exchange (End/Ex) ?

END/EXCHANGE is a one-of-a-kind secondary market for your real estate investments. Built directly into ENDVEST’s advanced investing platform, END/EX provides investors the opportunity to liquidate (or sell), at the market rate, their purchased interests in deals invested in through the ENDVEST platform before the end of the hold period. In other words, END/EX allows investors to get their money back before the end of the investment, PLUS the total payouts earned up to the time of the sale.

How does it work ?


John logged into ENDVEST to look at the investment opportunity in New York hotel development. The deal closed and John wasn’t able to participate in the initial raise. Six months later, John logs back in to check on the status of the project. He saw that investors have already received preferred interest payments and that the development was progressing ahead of schedule. He decided it was time to get into the deal.

 John logs into END/EX and placed a bid to purchase $5,000 worth of shares in the closed deal.


Grace invested $10,000 in the initial raise for a New York hotel development six months ago. Since then, she has enjoyed two quarterly preferred interest payments as the project has developed. But Grace has run into a problem. It turns out her friend is having a destination wedding in the Bahamas that she can’t miss. Grace needs $5,000 for the trip and she doesn’t want to dip into her savings account.

Grace logs into END/EX and places an ASK for $5,000 worth of her shares.

The END/EX Connection

END/EX matches John’s BID to Grace’s ASK, connects the buyer and the seller, and manages the complete transfer of the shares. John and Grace are now both investors in a New York hotel development, and Grace can attend her friends wedding in the Bahamas!


Placing a BID allows qualifying investors to buy into a deal that has been listed and fully funded through the ENDVEST platform. ENDVEST will notify you when a potential seller of interest is found.



If you've already invested in an ENDVEST deal but need some cash back, place an ASK and find a buyer for your interest before the end of your investment's hold period.